Add the Bookmarklet to Your iOS Web Browser

Tap this link and follow the instructions.

Save Content in Your Android Web Browser

Once you’ve downloaded the app, navigate to an article in your browser. Choose "share," and select Instapaper.

Save in Your Desktop Browser

View this page in your desktop browser to get the bookmarklet.

Save in Your Desktop Browser

Get the Chrome extension or use the bookmarklet below.

Download the Safari extension or use the bookmarklet below.

Drag the bookmarklet below to your Bookmarks Bar. Then simply click it when you’re on a web page (news article, blog post, etc.) you want to save to Instapaper.

Sign In or Create an Account to get the bookmarklet.

When you click this bookmarket, a “Saved!” message will briefly appear, meaning that the item is now waiting for you in your Instapaper unread queue.

Instapaper Text bookmarklet

The Instapaper Text bookmarklet converts any compatible web page into a beautifully designed Instapaper view article, right in your browser.

Instapaper Text ← drag this button to your Bookmarks Bar.

This Instapaper Text bookmarklet does not add the page to your Instapaper account.

Folder Bookmarklets

Save your favorite articles into folders. For example, you could save news articles into a News folder, and movie reviews into a Movies folder.

Each folder has a bookmarklet that you can drag into your browser’s Bookmarks Bar, allowing you to save pages directly into folders with a single click. You’ll find the folder bookmarklets ready for dragging in the sidebar of that folder's page.

Add Content to Instapaper by Email

Email articles, links, newsletters directly to your Instapaper account by forwarding to your personal Instapaper email address.

Add Content to Instapaper via IFTTT

IFTTT (“If This Then That”) allows you to connect Instapaper to other Internet services through the Instapaper Channel. Here are some of our favorites:

Add Content to Instapaper from Supporting Mobile Apps

Over 140 iPhone, iPad, and Android apps allow you to send pages directly to Instapaper, including:

Add Content to Instapaper from RSS and Feed Readers

Many of the popular RSS and feed readers can send articles directly to Instapaper. These include the Digg Reader (web, iOS) and NetNewsWire (Mac OS X, iOS).

Click and drag to your Bookmarks Bar.